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Why You Need Major Life Event Insurance

Why You Need Major Life Event Insurance.

Learn how essential coverage can help you navigate major life transitions such as getting married, buying a home, or sending your kids off to college.

small business

Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Insurance for Small Businesses

Learn the different types of risks small businesses face and the types of insurance that can help protect against them.

How Is Inflation Affecting Your Insurance Coverage?

How Is Inflation Affecting Your Insurance Coverage?

Learn about the impact of inflation on insurance and what it means for policyholders. Are you getting the best policy coverage? We can help you.

People shaking hands after getting insurance policy

An Independent Agency Brings You Insurance Policy Freedom of Choice

Need insurance? Learn about the advantages of purchasing an insurance policy through an independent agency.

man holding and protecting a house

Protect Your Large Purchases With the Proper Insurance

Planning to make a large purchase? Getting the right coverage through an independent insurance agency is the way to go. Learn why.

laptop screen with word "security"

Cyber Liability Insurance - How To Protect Your Business

Is your business being proactive to protect the data you hold? One solution is to purchase a cyber liability insurance policy.
Learn why.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple reasons why individuals and businesses should work with independent insurance agents. 

  • They advocate for you as you’re their priority
  • They know the insurance marketplace and the available options
  • They shop the marketplace for you providing multiple choices tailored to your needs
  • They are a one-stop shopping  solution as they provide multiple insurances such as auto, business, life, renter’s, etc.
  • They are expert consultants who find competitive pricing, and periodically review your coverage & share recommendations 
  • Their provide much better customer service

While not every policies are required by law, it is beneficial for any type of business to have commercial insurance as it helps cover costs associated with potential claims.

Legally, every business is required to have employer’s liability insurance.

As the name suggests, property damage happens when a tangible property is physically damaged. Typically, the damaged property is owned by the individual or business making the claim. 

There are several types of insurance policies that cover property damage, general liability insurance and commercial property insurance are two options. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in learning what’s the best solution for your needs.

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